Providing power traders, asset operators, and market analysts unique insight on grid operations impacting short term and balancing markets

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    Inertia Monitoring & Forecasting

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    Locational Grid Event Detection

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    BM Forecasting

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Key Features & Benefits


Inertia Monitoring & Forecasting

  • Day ahead inertia forecasting
  • Intraday inertia forecast updates and actuals
  • Zonal Inertia data

Locational Grid Event Detection

  • High-speed, locational, Grid Event Alerting via the Reactive Technologies infrastructure
  • Maximum Export Limit (MEL) re-declaration and REMIT monitoring via public sources
  • User Interface and Email push alerting

BM Forecasting

  • Probabilistic balancing market forecasts
  • Actual BM volumes
  • Breakdown by fuel type (CCGT, wind, coal, pumped storage)

Real-Time Grid Insights

Tradenergy® allows short-term power traders, asset owners and market analysts to benefit from the same real-time monitoring and forecasting hardware and software used by grid operators in the control room.

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Powered by Reactive’s Flagship Grid-Sonar™

Reactive Technologies’ patented inertia monitoring solution utilizes a distributed network of GPS-enabled monitoring devices (XMUs), and cloud-based digital signal processing to provide unique location-based frequency and inertia monitoring.

Stakeholders Gain Competitive Advantage

  • Forecasting of when trader assets are likely to be impacted by inertia management actions by grid operators has allowed Reactive’s customers to improve their performance in the balancing mechanism relative to peers.
  • High-speed notification of locational grid events, such as interconnector trips, provide opportunities on intraday power markets.
  • Battery owners and optimizers utilize balancing market forecasts when tendering for ancillary services.
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